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There is strength in numbers and strength in organizing. See map and read information on Neighborhood Associations and the Neighborhood Association Council below.

Neighborhood Associations, Block Clubs, and Council Info

MH Neighborhoods.jpg

Refer to the City of Muskegon Heights Neighborhood map for the general location of the Neighborhood Associations. In some cases, the larger Neighborhood Associations will have Block Clubs within each. If you are a resident of Muskegon Heights and not currently involved in a Neighborhood Association or a Block Club, please get involved, we welcome you! Join an existing Association or Block Club, or if needed, help create your own Block Club! It's okay to come to meetings whether you officially join or not, feel free to ask questions to learn more.

Fill out the contact form in Get Involved link and let us know how best we can connect with you.

The Muskegon Heights Neighborhood Association Council (MHNAC) is made up of representatives from all Neighborhood Associations. It creates a powerful, unified way to bring resident concerns to the forefront as well as disseminate important information across the community.

The Charter button is for non-resident partners (businesses and organizations) who would like to work closely in decision-making processes with us:



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