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Muskegon Heights Youth Initiative

While there are several afterschool programs that provide a structured environment for extracurricular activities and academic support, there remains a significant portion of youth who are not compelled to participate in them (at least not yet). These young residents require an alternate path to develop positive leadership skills. The path must be community-led, with mentors who are recognized as part of their community, and with whom youth can identify with and form trusting relationships. Mentor selection is crucial to the success of this initiative.


The MHYI will prioritize relationships first, allow for feedback from participants to help drive the activities and goals, and contextualize events and program curriculum to center the history and lived experiences that best represents Muskegon Heights' diverse culture.


The MHYI has the basic Mentor Network in place, basic curriculum is developed, and initial events scheduled. Due to COVID-19, these events will be virtual. These crucial communications channels with Muskegon Heights youth are important during the pandemic, as information about health and safety through trusted channels has been identified as a key factor in advancing the well-being of the community.


Muskegon Heights youth, especially those who may not initially be drawn to traditional organized youth groups, may find they identify more with one that speaks to their sense of style, and a unique need for belonging.

To learn more about the Muskegon Heights Youth Initiative, please use the Get Involved contact form located at this link and Mr. Marquis Childers, Jr. will respond to you.

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